Nanan Kouadioblé II


«Respect for tradition and protocol occupies a prominent and unavoidable place even in the modern countries of Africa. Society in Africa consists usually of several ethnic groups having different religious practices. Everything is based on key values such as dignity, respect, and an open mind.»

As direct proof of this, all the dignitaries from the villages in the «sous-préfecture» of Kouadioblékro have installed me in April 2010 as the village chief and given me the rank of king, this in accordance with the administrative and political authorities.

As such,my titular name is Nanan Kouadioblé II and am considered as a direct successor in the lineage of the founder of the village, Nanan Kouadioblé. Similarly, my wife was named queen and is called Nanan Abouala III, in reference to the wife of the founder.

As king, I am shouldered by a Council of Elders from the 15 villages forming the «sous-préfecture».


«To fulfill my function to the upmost, my goal is to contribute to the development of my village, whilst remaining based in Switzerland. As such, I am a part of the senior management of CREMO SA, in Villars-sur-Glâne. I am still an active officer in the Swiss army as major on the general staff.

UIn respect to local culture, my wife, Karidia Niederhäuser-Mallé, who is Ivorian, accompanies me. She is a specialist in Sustainable Development trained at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and currently is director of NZI Council, a consulting firm for sustainable development.

My goal is to ensure an effective transfer of the skills and expertise of my partners to my people in accordance with the know-how of the local culture. In return, I expect from the beneficiaries, a genuine commitment towards a sustainable development.

The following priorities are needed for prosperity and sustainable development in the sous-préfecture of Kouadioblékro:

  1. Training youth to the minimum professional level of a trade
  2. A health service covering both basic care and prevention
  3. A diversified local economy with self-sufficiency as the primary objective
  4. A financing network using micro credits
  5. The maintenance of peace and security

The hope and trust that my people have declared in me are a great honor and a motivation to help them on the path of development».

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