since January 22, 2014 planning, water (5) projetcs

Any development begins with the completion of a minimum basic infrastructure for access to drinking water, access to decent housing in a safe environment as well as the construction and maintenance of roads to open up the regions concerned.

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since January 22, 2014 school, boarding school (3) projects

Education is the basis of development; everything must be done to make it accessible to all and in the best possible conditions.

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since January 22, 2014 hospital, ambulance (2) projects

Good health is a prerequisite for every human endeavor.

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Trade & knowledge exchange, Technical center

Popularize vocational training to the general public is the best way for us to demonstrate the strengths and expertise found in our population, to get them involved in the development process and to participate actively.

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Computer center

since January 22, 2014 Computer center (1) project

Information technology is essential nowadays; we desire to open their access to our population.

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since January 22, 2014 passenger transport, agriculture (2) projects

Agriculture is primordial to the economy of the Ivory Coast. We intend to make our community a «research laboratory» in the field in order to achieve sustenance self-sufficiency for our people. As well, the focus will be on the creation of small processing units to provide added value to perishables. Cash crops (coffee, cocoa, rubber etc.) will be redesigned and developed on the basis of a new quality label and respect for the environment.

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Community Life - Social cohesion

since January 22, 2014 youth, culture (1) project

We want to promote activities can develop and strengthen the social cohesion within our population.

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