In order to avoid poorly managed or unfinished activities, the Kouadioblé II Foundation reserves the right to require at least half or all of the funding is available before initiating a project.
Therefore the Kouadioblé II Foundation awards its grants based on priorities that ensure the success of the operations.

Yes, I support the projects

The development program projects are the foundation that ensures sustainable development of the villages. The projects are naturally interdependent. Nevertheless the availability of financial resources sets the priority for the startup of an operation.

Yes, I support the Foundation

Your donations are welcome to help us cope with expenditure on overheads (transport, containers, general equipment, scholarships, etc.).

Yes, i have any questions

Please feel free to contact us if you desire further information regarding our services, or if you would like to be informed about a project in more detail.

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The Kouadioblé II foundation does help! And the best part is that you can join in! Let's work together to meet the needs of the people in Kouadioblékro and Koro. You can donate some of your time by getting involved with a project. Or you can get informed on our activities. You are important to us. Contact us if you want to help. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sponsoring with a payment slip or bank transfer

Sponsorship can be done directly to our account 20-136-4. From abroad you may donate using the following coordinates: IBAN CH52 0076 6000 1018 6757 5 (BIC / SWIFT: BCNNCH22). Our bank is the Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise. Your donation or sponsorship will be used where assistance or resources are most needed unless it is noted to be attributed to a specific project

A donation is possible using a payment slip (pdf, 52KB).

Contact us via the contact form, here.

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